Church Ministry Training

Here’s your first step to making a difference!

Thanks for your interest in serving as a volunteer at our church!  To give you some basic info to get started, please check out the videos & checklists below.  Then, just SHOW UP at the required time… it’s THAT EASY!

We’re adding more and more videos and checklists as we go!

Happy serving!


Sunday Morning Church Preparation Ministry

WHEN: Sunday mornings at 9:45

HOW LONG: About 20-30 minutes

WHERE: The worship center at the church building.

WHAT: CLICK HERE to download the checklist we currently use Sunday Mornings.


Sunday Morning Church Shutdown Ministry.

WHEN: Sundays, after morning service

HOW LONG: 20 minutes

WHERE: In the worship center

WHAT: Here is the checklist we currently use Sunday Mornings. (It will eventually be linked here)


Whatever it Takes Youth Ministry

WHEN: Fridays From 6:15 PM – 8:30, 3 team roles (see checklist)

WHERE: At the church’s building

WHAT: CLICK HERE to download the checklist for the Whatever It Takes Youth Team.  (There’s a copy on site as well!)


Bread of Life Pantry Unloading Day / Serving Day





Social Media Ministry

WHEN: Once per week, about 30 minutes

WHERE: At your house, or the church

WHAT: Social media scheduling and posting, following this checklist — CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.


Building and Grounds Ministry

Building and Grounds Ministry from Darrell Stetler II on Vimeo.

Sunday Morning Technology

Sunday Morning Technology from Darrell Stetler II on Vimeo.

Video Editing Ministry

Video Editing from Darrell Stetler II on Vimeo.

These are the videos we currently have. More will be available soon!

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