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Thanks for being a part of this journey!  I recognize that it takes courage & investment, and I appreciate your trust.  I’ll do my best to earn it with excellent and practical content that will guide you through the process of becoming a Church that conquers!  Thanks for your vision and willingness to make this part of your church’s story!

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Below, you’ll find links to all the coaching materials.  More will be added as we go along!

Some starting info:

1. Who is allowed to watch?

If you have a link for this page, it is because you have a login for your church.  Please share this link with anyone in your church organization, if you would like, so that they can watch and learn on their own time and schedule.

2. Please watch this together as much as possible.

This is intended not just to inform everyone, but to help unify your church leadership and influencers around a common set of learning experiences.  So, please schedule watching this in a group.  Use it for a service, or series of Bible studies.  Persons in your church who cannot attend the group, or miss a session, are certainly allowed to catch up by logging into this page with the login information provided for your organization.

3. Please print copies of the materials for everyone involved.

The license for this material includes the right to make copies for everyone involved in your church, regardless of how many that might be.

4. Please actually do the exercises.

Actually writing and doing the exercises is far, far harder than just watching the video.  It takes much more exhausting levels of thought and discussion.  It will stretch your brain, your language, your faith, and your church in ways that might sometimes be uncomfortable.  But in the end, it’s like a workout — there might be some soreness, but you’ll be stronger!

Thanks for your membership in this process! I’m praying God will change your church culture & bless your church powerfully through this next few months.

~ Darrell


MONTH #1: Mission, Vision, Strategy

MONTH #2: Thinking Like a Missionary Church

MONTH #3: Putting Your Outreach Plan Into Practice

MONTH #4: Preparing for Guests & Getting Them to Come Back


Months 5-7 coming!