Serving Churches with quality preaching through video

Is your church without a pastor?  

Are you struggling to figure out who is going to fill the pulpit?

“I’m just tired of every week being a crisis — what are we going to do this week?” – church member from Louisiana

“We were going through a pastoral change. The members of the congregation were taking turns leading the service. To be honest with you were were becoming very discouraged and didn’t know what the next step would be…” ~ church member, Zanesville, OH

There is a better way!

SermonSubscribe - Providing Quality Preaching Through Video for churches who have lost their pastor

SermonSubscribe fills the pulpit each week with solid, Biblical preaching.  Churches from Ohio to New Mexico are using SermonSubscribe. They know that a quality, inspiring message is waiting each Sunday.

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If you’ve got questions about how I can serve your church, please give me a call at 405-283-8153 or email me at


The problems with pastoral transitions: 

Churches all over the USA are looking for pastors.  Losing a pastor can be very emotionally trying for a church, especially if the church is under 200.  Fears and stress abounds for lay leaders in this situation:

  • There may not be enough lay leaders with training who are comfortable and available to regularly prepare messages.
  • Paying travel & honorarium for guest speakers is expensive.
  • It’s difficult to find someone to preach for special days such as Christmas, Easter & Mother’s Day.
  • Newer, or less connected families may move on to another church instead of waiting for a pastoral search.

I know it can be stressful and difficult.  I can’t help in your search for a new pastor.  But I can help in the interim, by providing preaching that you can count on.


  • Knowing there would be a solid biblical message each Sunday.
  • Knowing what was going to be preached a few days in advance.
  • Knowing that there would be sufficient quality to prevent the “cringe factor.”
  • Freeing up your key lay leaders to focus on the pastoral search instead of preparing for sermons.
  • Focusing on growing and ministry to those newer families instead of scrambling to cover guest speaker details.

Don’t waste one more weekend, desperate to figure out how things are going to work this Sunday!

How Does SermonSubscribe Work?

For more detailed info, or for questions about technology, please call Darrell at 405-283-8153 or email


Pastor Darrell is an “ideas” guy… one of the most prolific I have ever worked with. He has also been gifted by God with the ability to take the truths of Scripture and present them in a memorable and exciting way. I highly recommend SermonSubscribe! This ministry is helping to fill the gap of empty pulpits and spiritually starved congregations.     – Rev. Jonathan Heath, pastor & Director, Youth Challenge 

Pastor Darrell Stetler II offered the solution of video sermons when I wondered what my church was going to do if I was called away to serve our country. It was an enormous success. The sermons were both timely and challenging to our people. They have also helped me meet the challenges I face as a bi-vocational pastor as they have allowed me to spend more time with the people of my community and my family.   –Rev. Darrell Underwood, Pastor (Clovis, NM) & USAF officer

If you are looking for Biblical, practical messages that will stimulate your mind and challenge you in your walk with God, the ministry of Darrell Stetler II will be that kind of ministry.   – Rev. Darrell Stetler, Sr., Pastor, Burlington, KY


If I I know anything about Darrell it is this — he will preach the Word of God, the whole Word of God, and nothing but the Word of God. If I was going to be away from my pulpit, I would feel safe allowing Pastor Darrell to preach for me.    – Rev. Doug Eads, Pastor, Ada Chapel, AL; Former VP, Bible Methodist Connection of Churches


I would whole-heartedly recommend Darrell Stetler to any church in need of an interim ministry. Expect substantive, biblical, practical messages that will both challenge you and help you grow.   – Dr. Philip Brown, professor, God’s Bible School & College


I watched the first DVD of the “Made” series, and it’s great!  You’re doing a really good work. – David Gervais, church member, Trinity Bible Methodist Church, Alabama

Sermon Subscribe has been a great blessing to us here at Carey Street Fellowship. When we discovered Sermon Subscribe we were going through a pastoral change. The members of the congregation were taking turns leading the service. To be honest with you we were becoming very discouraged, and didn’t know what the next step would be. I firmly believe that God lead us to Sermon Subscribe. With God’s help Pastor Darrell has helped us to grow spiritually and has encouraged us to preserve during this challenging time in our church. Pastor Darrell’s sermons are relevant and filled with truth.  His passion for God and his love for others show through each message. He is very easy to work with and is willing to answer any questions that you may have.  ~Melissa Avery, Carey Street Fellowship, Zanesville, OH

Pastor Darrell’s sermons are very inspiring. His messages are straight from God’s Word unlike a lot of other pastors who seem to form their
own worldly interpretation of the Bible. My teenage children are very engaged with his sermons. They tell me he mixes science with the facts of God’s creation. I love how he tells stories of personal experiences. His love for God and His Word spills out into his people.
His tears are our tears. He is the definition of a true pastor.   ~Pam, Ben & Boone Tignor, Carey Street Fellowship, Zanesville, OH

On behalf of our church family we would like to thank you for the way God has used your services to help us grow closer to Him. Your
preaching has made a big difference in our lives. They have tremendously helped us during this difficult transition of pastoral
change.  Your messages are always relevant and your presentation style makes it easy to receive.   ~Alexis Clark, Carey Street Fellowship, Zanesville, OH

A SermonSubscribe Pastor from Clovis, NM:

Pastor Darrell Underwood from Servant’s Heart Chapel in Clovis, NM, shares his experience with SermonSubscribe, and how it has impacted his church & ministry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do you replace everything else a pastor does? 

I can’t.  I have been a pastor for almost 15 years, and I know it just isn’t possible to replace that presence of a person serving and leading the flock.  Obviously, I can’t visit the sick, counsel the discouraged, or lead a board meeting.

I know that my role in a local church may just be to bridge the gap until a local pastor can be installed… or to get the church through a difficult time without a regular preacher… or to ease the preaching and teaching burden on a bivocational pastor.

That’s why my goal is simply to provide quality biblical preaching that can convict, instruct and equip through the Holy Spirit’s power.  By God’s grace, a few good “laypersons” can supply the local leadership and personal touch needed to be an effective church, even through difficult times!

  1. What is included in a monthly subscription?

I prepare and preach the messages each week.  I edit the video, put in any graphics or Powerpoint that I used, and send that and whatever handouts or fill-in-the-blank notes that I used.  If there are other things included in that series, you get anything I produce.  For instance, I just finished leading our church through a 40 day fasting and prayer campaign. That kicked off with a sermon calling people to prayer.  For SermonSubscribe Churches, I included sign-up sheets, Facebook graphics and daily Scripture text message reminders if they wanted to use them for their church.  Those kinds of things aren’t every month, but I do include them if we use them, so you have the option.

  1. How much does SermonSubscribe cost?

$200/month (which works out to $46/week).  I don’t know about your church, but when our church has a special speaker we pay them $100+ per service, but we also cover their travel… and that’s where it gets expensive!

  1. What kinds of payment options are available?

We accept checks and debit card payments or bank drafts.  The total can also be paid in advance for 6 or 12 months if you wish.  6 months in advance = 5% discount, and 12 months in advance = 10% discount.  Checks can be used if preferred… just make it out to Darrell Stetler II Ministries LLC.  For more information, please feel free to call or email, 405-283-8153 or

  1. How does SermonSubscribe compare to the cost of adding a staff member? 

Adding a staff person includes many unseen costs, which can include moving expenses ($500-$2,500), housing ($500+ per month), and salary.  The church might also need to provide insurance, utilities, equipment (phone, computers), mileage/fuel reimbursement, and more.

Many great benefits come with adding a staff member at a church, but not every church can afford it!  This provides a chance to take the preaching load off of a bivocational, sick, or elderly pastor, or bridge the gap until the church can afford to hire and support a full-time staff person.

6. How are the messages delivered?  When do we receive them?

The messages are delivered digitally over the Internet.  I create a shared folder for your church in Google Drive.  Instructions will be provided.  The sermon will show up in the shared folder on your computer automatically.  After it has been used by all the member churches, I simply delete it.

Because the videos are DVD quality video (1280pX720p), a broadband internet connection will be needed to download them.

Video & handouts are ready on or before Thursday of the week they will be shown, and can be watched in advance by anyone who wishes to plan a service that will be complementary to the message for the day.  Additionally, files to create printed handouts will be delivered in the same way.

  1. Are there initial setup fees?

There is an initial setup fee of $50, which covers the expense of making & editing a specific video greeting for your church family so you can get to know me and my family, and the administrative work of adding new church folders.

  1. Can we get assistance with purchasing and setting up the technology?

We have specific recommended equipment and would be happy to help you know what to purchase. I can provide video instructions on how to set up your system for video if you don’t have it.  There will be some time commitment & work setting up all of this locally, but with proper directions, it’s workable for “non-technical” people as well.

  1. What kind of equipment do we need to purchase to make this possible?

If you intend to use a computer to show the messages, you will need:

  • A computer (Apple or PC) powerful enough to download and show HD video.
  • Access to a high speed internet connection to download the files (DSL, cable or satellite.)
  • an HD projector & ceiling mount ($800-$1500, depending on brightness needed)
  • a screen surface or flat white wall to project on ($100)
  • Audio cables to connect to your sound system ($20)
  • Video cables to connect to projector ($50-$100)
  • An extra projector bulb for backup (approx. $150)

If you want to burn the messages to DVD once you receive them, and use a DVD player, you are welcome to do that, you’ll just need to hook up to a DVD player instead of the computer.

  1. What kind of things do you preach on? 

I am primarily a “series” preacher, meaning that I will preach several sermons in a row that follow one another on the same book or theme.  I will often preach through books of Scripture, as I find this helps me balance my preaching by “declaring the whole counsel of God” instead of just the parts that are easier to preach.  I preach often on family, marriage, relationships & children (almost everyone in our culture struggles with these), and a series on finances about once every year (everyone struggles with money & materialism too!).  I deal with lifestyle, entertainment, etc or other issues as they are brought up or dealt with by a passage of Scripture, but feel that this type of instruction needs to be primarily done by local church leaders.  (See Titus 2, especially v. 4)

For those who are interested in the more technical terms: My theology is Wesleyan/Arminian, I believe in Biblical inerrancy, believe in substitutionary atonement, and believe in the Wesleyan view of entire sanctification.  For more specifics, you can email me or call.

If you have questions about my theology in a particular area, feel free to call and ask: 405-283-8153.

My most recent series were: Love Comes (Christmas series), Good Leadership In a Bad World (the book of Titus), Believe: 10 Truths for an Unshakable Life (10 sermons on basic Christian beliefs).  For more examples, check out my youtube channel:

  1. How long is an average sermon?  

An average message for me in the past has been about 42-45 minutes.  However, with the launch of SermonSubscribe, I am working on creating an average length of 30-35 minutes, since I know not all church service lengths are created equal.

  1. What about altar calls and invitations?

Each message will end “let’s bow our heads for prayer” with a few minutes of quiet music and the series “title picture,” or an appropriate graphic so that a local church leader can step forward and close the service in an appropriate way.  If the message lends itself to an altar call or other invitation, then the local service leader can give one, and follow up appropriately with anyone that responds.  With some forethought, an effective invitation can be given — having altar workers present or materials to give to those who pray and receive Christ.

  1.  Does this include both Sunday morning and Sunday night messages?

At this time, we do not tape our Sunday evening messages and make them available.  However, we do have an archive of over 1 year’s worth of messages that were originally preached on Sunday morning that can be used as Sunday night studies, if a church would like to use them.  Please call if you’d like more information about pricing & availability for this.

  1. What about special days — Christmas, Easter, etc.?

There are two options: If we are in a series, we can pre-record a message for these special days and get it to you in advance.  We also have some stand-alone messages that have been recorded in previous years, and those will work seamlessly with these special days.

  1. Is the picture and sound quality good?

The picture and sound quality is excellent.  We have invested hundreds of dollars to make certain we have quality equipment.  For those who are interested in the technical information, we render our videos in 720p.  At this time, we render in WMV, although I can make other formats available if needed.

  1. Does it feel awkward to the people who watch?  

This was a big concern before we began this ministry.  Surprisingly, we have found that it does not create awkwardness.  Most people have grown up with television, and are perfectly used to interacting with it, with receiving information and instruction in this way.

We have field tested this for 3 years in Clovis, New Mexico at Servant’s Heart Chapel since September 2013.  Pastor Darrell Underwood (who is employed full time by the US Air Force) has this to say about the experience:

     “When we started showing pre-recorded sermons, I wondered if God spoke to people the same way He does with live preaching. We found there is no difference. Time and time again, our people have been both encouraged and convicted.  Recently we had four men seeking God at the altar after one of Pastor Darrell’s messages.”

  1. Do people really feel the necessary emotional connection to the preacher to be impacted by the message?

I, too, had doubts about this when I began preaching via video at Servant’s Heart Chapel.  I have been pleasantly pleased by the connection that I have experienced with people from that church.  Lori Y. attends there, and recently sent me the following email:

“I have waited to share this testimony until now because I was waiting until the conclusion to explain. I heard your sermon a while back about a Leap of Faith and took it to heart. My financial situation during the summer months is best described as precarious. I am disabled… This past month I was confronted with some large expenses that I had not anticipated nor budgeted for. When the first came around I had the decision of either paying my tithe or buying groceries and paying my bills.

After several days of prayer I took your message to heart and took a Leap of Faith! I paid my tithe and asked God to help me keep my lights and water turned on and enough food in my pantry to supply us for the entire month… The Leap I took was frightening beyond measure, yet we never went without. Thank you for your inspiration and Thank you Lord for taking care of our needs.”

If you want more testimonials, see our videos earlier on this page.

  1. What version of the Bible do you use?

I preach live here in OKC from the New International Version, although I’ll reference the King James or other versions from time to time.  In our inner city church, I find that it communicates sufficiently well without the beautiful, but archaic language of the King James Version… and I value clarity in preaching the Word of God!

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