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8 thoughts on “Thank you for signing up for my email!

  1. Pastoring effectively in the Twenty-First Century is extremely challenging, especially to an old guy like me! But Pastor Darrell is willingly and graciously sharing his passionate heart and ideas (which have been proven in pastoral ministry) with us, and coming alongside us with his creativity and passion for God’s Kingdom! What a Blessing!

  2. Darrell When I was at God’s Bible School Your grandfather was the best bible teacher there. And what is most amazing when I was at God’s Bible School about thirty years later When I saw him he not only knew me but he also knew my name. You have a heritage to honor and be proud of in a Godly way.

  3. Darrell,
    We were privileged to be at 12Stone church recently, after the funeral of Daniel Finch, my cousin by marriage, and one of the pastors who helped it grow to over 29,000 per Sunday on 9 campuses.
    The funeral was on Sat. and we stayed over to attend the Sun. A.M service.
    As we drove into the parking lot, being guided by several parking attendants…including 4-police officers who were directing the traffic, I was impressed by the big sign, telling me to TURN ON MY FLASHERS if i was a first time attendee.
    I did, and was directed to a man who welcomed us, pointed to another attendant ( a young lady) who also welcomed us and told us where to part.
    After exciting our vehicle, she introduced us to yet another young lady, who welcomed us, and walked into the large complex, where the doors were being held open by two other volunteers who welcomed all of us to 12 Stone. Then she introduced us to a greeter who showed us what tunnel to go in tht would lead us to our seats.
    Once seated, we were again greeted by some smiling, welcoming folks,w ho were NOT over-powering, but who made you feel genuinely welcomed into their service.
    It was an AMAZING experience, that made me aware of why many of those several thousand in attendance, had come to worship as we did.
    One of the funny, but poignant points in the comments made by Pastor Kevin Myers during Dan’s funeral, was about how people came to the church.
    He said the pastors always have special prayer each Sat. night, for the services on Sunday. He said that Daniel Finch would often pray for the Lord to bring in people right off the highway as they were passing by. He tell Daniel , “that’s NOT how you do it…you’ve to do all the other multiplicity of things to bring them in. That is, until he started hearing the stories of those who just happened to be driving by, and felt compelled to stop in!!!

    On man told Pastor Kevin, he was on his way to see a movie on a Sun. morning, when he got stopped in all the traffic, and thought it was being re-routed around an accident, when he was directed to follow all the other cars going into to lot, He followed, was parked, and ended up going into the building with the rest of the crowd.
    He did, and he got saved, then brought his whole family who also got saved, and are now serving the Lord and working in the church.
    SO, this “GREETING” part has a HUGE part to play in helping to build His Kingdom.

  4. Darrell,

    Although not pastoring full-time right now, I did ‘fill in’ at Corydon PHC for the past six months while the church is looking for a pastor. The challenges are indeed increasing in these last days. Finding people who connect and stay connected is difficult. The church world has transformed into a place of convenience rather than a place of committment.

    I admire your youthful vision and wisdom. Any insight to ministry improvements is always welcomed by me.

    Thanks for all you do!

  5. Hi Darrell, my name is Kevin Askew and I pastor New Journey church of God holiness in Kansas City. Matt Lee from Kansas Christian College put me on to your blog and it looks great! Thanks for all the hard work you have put in on this. I am looking forward to implementing some of this soon!

    • Kevin,
      Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! Hope you enjoy being a part of the community here. And thanks for the share on Twitter a little bit ago. I am about to send you that download link for the resource — i’ll send it in a twitter DM.